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A warm welcome

The Arncliffe Veterinary Centre was founded by Peter Janes in 1986 in Goldthorpe, before expanding to Wath and then moving to the current location there, with Janet Ellison becoming a partner in 2012.

Consultations are run at both surgeries by appointment only. The Wath surgery forms our main centre where all the operations are performed. We are able to offer transport for your pets between the surgeries for those with transport difficulties.

There is ample parking in front of the Wath surgery. We now have ten vets working in our practice. if you have a particular vet you like to see, please ask the receptionists to book you in with your favourite one and they will do the best they can to get you an appointment to suit yourself.

Our practice has grown to its present size by continually trying to provide the best possible care for our patients within the budgets of our clients. We do the best we can to ensure that high class veterinary care is not restricted to only the wealthiest of clients (whom we are also happy to see!).

We actively encourage everyone to insure their pets but where this isn't possible (and we know how expensive the premiums can get, especially for older pets) we still aim to do the best we can for you and your pet, offering different options for treatment where possible, to suit different budgets and expectations, but always putting the quality of life of our patients first.

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Wath Surgery
Surgery Opening Times  

Mon-Fri  08.00 - 20.00 
Sat  08.30 - 16.30
Sun 10.00 - 14.00

Surgery Consulting Times

Mon - Fri  08.00 - 10.00
  10.30 - 12.10
  12.30 - 14.30
  14.30 - 17.00
  17.30 - 20.00
08.30 - 10.30, 11.00 - 13.00
and 14.30 - 16.30
10.00 - 12.00 & 13.00 - 14.00

Telephone 01709 760301

Goldthorpe surgery

Goldthorpe Surgery

Surgery Opening Times

08.30 - 16.00
09.00 - 10.00 

Surgery Consulting Times

Mon - Fri 08.30 - 10.30
  14.00 - 16.00
09.00 - 10.00


Telephone 01709 893647


Out of Hours
For emergencies
Out of Hours
Contact MiNightVet
01709 377241


Contact Us
Wath Surgery
01709 760301
Goldthorpe Surgery
01709 893647


Wath Location
6 Doncaster Rd
Wath Upon Dearne
Rotherham S Yorkshire
S63 7AL


Goldthorpe Location
24 High St
Rotherham S Yorkshire
S63 9LR

View our Facilities

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A wide range of operations are performed daily. Our operating areas comprise five separate areas with two these being specific surgical theatres for operations requiring the utmost sterility.

Equipment is sterilised after each patient using the most modern vacuum autoclaves.

Dental procedures have their own dedicated suite with a sophisticated dental work station with separate ventilation to ensure no cross contamination form the ultrasonic dental descaler. All of our day patients (including all of our patients for neutering) are checked over by a vet in a consultation in the morning when all our patients are weighed and pre-medications are administered to our canine patients to help them relax and reduce the amount of anaesthetic needed for their operations.

x-ray Arncliffe vets

We are able to repair many fractures and carry out a lot of surgery on joints within the practice.

This means less travelling and lower fees for broken legs and cruciate ligament repairs and other injuries without compromising on the level of care for your pet.


We have air powered orthopaedic drills and saws.


We are fully equipped for different techniques for cruciate ligament repairs including the TTA technique for larger dogs and we have the latest locking plate systems for fracture repairs.

ultrasound arncliffe vets


We have two ultrasound machines to aid in non invasive diagnosis.


The machines have a wide range of uses from diagnosing pregnancy to visualising the size, structure and sometimes abnormalities of many internal organs.


As with endoscopy and radiology it has its limitations and sometimes surgical intervention for biopsies or examination of tissues is necessary.

dentals Arncliffe vets

Dental disease is very common and can cause poor health and pain if left untreated.

Dentals performed range from scaling and polishing of teeth to extractions and management of gum disease.



We have a separate dental room with a modern dental work station and tub table to ensure these procedures are done to a high standard.

Hospitalisation arncliffe vets


Our separate dog, cat and isolation wards house patients waiting for or recovering from operations, as well as animals requiring intensive treatment or treatment for medical rather than surgical problems. 

Vetbed is used to provide a comfortable and dry base and heat pads are added where appropriate.

Feeding is with a variety of canned and dried foods with prescription diets being fed to animals with specific diseases.

Laboratory Arncliffe vets

Our “in house” lab enables us to run a range of blood tests including a pre-anaesthetic screen or a full profile to diagnose conditions such as anaemia or organ disease.

Examination of microscope slides can illustrate parasites which can cause a range of often irritating problems. 

In addition we often send samples to different external laboratories for more specific or complicated tests.

endoscopy arncliffe vets

Endoscopy & ECG 

Endoscopy is a non-invasive examination with a fibre optic cable transmitting a picture onto a monitor like a moving camera. 

Both flexible and rigid endoscope units are in use at the practice to aid diagnosis in a wide variety of diseases ranging from foreign bodies in the nose through to changes within the stomach.

Patients with certain types of heart disease may require an ECG.

Our ECG machine provides an instantly readable trace on our computer screen.

x-ray Arncliffe vets

Radiographs, commonly referred to as x-rays; aid the diagnosis, management and ongoing treatment of many diseases.

They are used regularly for looking at bones and joints.


They can also illustrate the size, shape and position of some organs within the body and abnormalities such as certain foreign bodies, ruptures and tumours. 

We have recently invested in a digital processor which allows the images to be manipulated to highlight specific areas in more detail and also means that we can easily e-mail the images to send for referral.